Rona Flyer December 1 - 7, 2016

Rona Flyer - Rona Inc. is a Canadian retailer of home improvement products and construction services. Founded in 1939, the company operates a mix of company-owned and franchised retail under various banners, including Rona, its big box format Rona Home & Garden and, as well as smaller brands such as Rona Cashway, Marcil Centre Reform and lumber Dick. The 3 February 2016, the US retailer Lowe announced that it would acquire Rona for $ 3.2 billion pending government approval. Lowe's plans to keep brands retailer Rona post-merger.

Canadian Weekly Flyers - While Home Depot and Lowe's stores are all owned company, RONA Home & Garden stores are a combination of corporately owned and franchised, despite the huge investment required to build such a store. As major home improvement stores have entered the cash market, Rona said, bringing together owners of successful small shops Affiliate Rona in Quebec to invest in one or more large format stores box. Many places Rona Home & Garden in that province have thus the local appropriation, a tradition of the family store, and a lot of flexibility to adapt to market-level store. Most shops in large format box Rona in the rest of Canada are wholly owned by the company.

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