T and T Supermarket Flyer December 2 - 8, 2016

T and T Supermarket Flyer – Super T & T Supermarket are Canadian supermarket chain, which sells primarily many forms of Asian foods. The headquarters of the supermarket chain is located in Richmond, British Columbia. In 1993, and opened its first T & T for in Burnaby Metropolis at Metrotown, a shopping center in the Metrotown area in Metro Vancouver.

With the rapid expansion, T & T is now the largest Asian supermarket chain, Canada. It has ten stores in British Columbia, five in Alberta (two in Calgary, three in Edmonton), and nine stores in Ontario with eight stores in the Greater Toronto Area, including downtown Toronto and one in Ottawa. It is expected to open in the coming years with a goal of 10 in eastern Canada more stores. In addition to the many departments found in regular Super Market, most of the T & T stores also have a bakery in the house, a delicious Asian, sushi and Chinese barbecue section.

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