El Rio Grande Weekly Ad

I was born in the Rio Grande company in 2005 with a dream. Fort Worth area of ​​fruits and fresh vegetables in Dallas, variety, quality and service with suitable price, and El Rio Grande Weekly Ad the flavors of Latin America the opportunity to savor the joy of all. Shopping Rio Grande Latin Market experience, Prime Minister DFW in Latin under the Super mesquite supermarket address, Texas, is pleased to announce the creation of new jobs in the region up to 200. These activities are part of the commitment and their families, along with mesquite user Rio Grande Inc. with ongoing initiatives in the community.

Rio Grande Market Latin new items throughout the store, store hundreds Cocina in traditional dishes inspired by the whole Latin for “carnitas” traditional perfume of fresh fruits and juices in the palapa ,,, would be more healthy options.

A new meat and seafood sections of full-service store, etc. Conchas awards, Bolillos, Marranitos, chefs, such as the traditional white completely with fresh bread will be determined from the start winning bakery as part of the Access Policy; focus on local farmers, which along with support for production high quality.