Trade Fair Circular September 2 - 8, 2016

You can see the latest weekly ad for this week from Trade Fair here: Trade Fair Circular (September 2 – 8, 2016).

Trade Fair Supermarkets are truly Super Markets.No matter what country you are from, no matter what your ethnic background, more than likely we carry foods from your homeland. Brazil, Greece, Italy ten different Hispanic countries, the Middle East and many others. Now let us be clear. We don’t carry foods like the ones you had at home. We carry the food you had at home.For example, remember that delicious red fish you ate as a child in the old country? Well, we don’t carry red fish similar to it. We carry the same red fish, fresh, frozen and flown to us. And we also have genuine ethnic foods in our cheese, olive, bread, coffee and beverages departments.

We even carry a full line of Halal and organic foods- meat, eggs, produce, dairy, it goes on and on.See what we mean? Truly Super Markets.But that’s not all.Unlike ordinary supermarkets that run special sales, Trade Fair has sales prices everyday. In fact, we have the best prices in town. And we mean it.And if you’re really looking for “only the best”, the best quality and the best price check out our Trade Fair Private Label products. You won’t be disappointed.So come into a Trade Fair Supermarkets soon. Remember, we carry the foods of home. Wherever home may be.

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