Valli Produce Weekly Ad November 1 – 7, 2017

Valli Produce weekly ad is currently available in your local store. Valli Production is the home of the founder's home of the International Star Market, named after Calabria, a small farm town in Italy. People from Valli were extremely hard working and small communities were like a big family. Valli roots started with Alfredo Presta that her father, taught at a young age by Dominicio, helped everyone and helped other families who never needed help, though sometimes they struggled to find themselves in Alfredo Priest looking for opportunities for many Italian immigrants and came to America more than a better life and they Valley left the town of cultivation.

He used to do several jobs in America but he always knew that his true calling was a retail product. Alfredo possessed of instinctive business ability without any formal education or training. In 1977, Alfredo opened her first production store in Chicago, in her nephew Guido. With the promise of a handshake deal from a bank and work to be lazy successfully, Alfredo started her entrepreneur career.

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