Vallarta Weekly Ad

Vallarta Weekly Ad – Vallarta Supermarkets Inc is a US supermarket chain. It is based in Sylmar, Los Angeles, California in November 2016 and has 50 locations in California. Chain caters to the growing Latino population of California and sells items not usually found in many supermarkets oriented Anglo-American. Chain stores primarily in Southern California, but has recently expanded to the north with three locations in Fresno. They are known to have Superball Pinball machines in most countries

Vallarta Supermarkets (Carniceria Vallarta) was founded in 1985 by Enrique Gonzalez Sr., who later joined in the business by his four brothers, his son and a grandson. Their family roots and humble origins began in a small town called Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, Mexico where food from the four basic food groups (milk, meat, cereals, and vegetables) were not common for Gonzalez family. Five brothers growing up in a poor farm their most impressionable years. Parents introduce their children very young age a strong work ethic which has enabled them to overcome any obstacle that came their way. subsistence agriculture was a normal way of life in this part of the world; each had to contribute in everyday activities to make ends meet for the family. When the opportunity arose to immigrate to the United States in 1960, Gonzalez family was thankful to request their shares in the “land of opportunity”, the United States. Strong Work Ethic of five brothers was immediately put into use by accepting work in restaurants or as short order cooks or bus tables. Although some brothers were young and still go to school, they have all been working for wages to help the family make ends meet.

In 1985 Enrique Gonzalez Sr. He began his journey in the food business when he first opened Vallarta Supermarket (Carniceria Vallarta) comfortable 1,000 square foot market in Van Nuys, CA. With weekly sales of $ 3.500 to 5.000 $ and 5 employees, it was difficult to maintain. With the opening of the second store in Van Nuys, brethren Gonzalez began to get involved in business. Vallarta Supermarkets entered a serious adventure, but successful to build a reputation for service and excellence. The key to success was the dedication Vallarta property to focus on customer service with a smile, and to offer only products of the highest quality to their clients. Gonzalez Family capitalized Hispanic community service, a place that is not addressed by the major chain stores. Supermarkets Vallarta offer a wide variety of foods Latin and products that can be found only in its store, cut meat to order Latin styles (Ranchera, diesmillo, Lomo de res), spicy, hot foods ready to eat, breads sweet made every day, and fresh produce in addition to everything else you would expect from a traditional grocery store.

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